For expats who want to build
their life on their own
terms in Poland.

Katarzyna Szełemej-Pobożniak

Building your professional life, a company, career abroad is not easy. Poland is no exception.

Polish language alone constitutes a huge obstacle. And it is not the biggest problem. Every expat shall notice that many things go differently in Poland. You may feel frustrated, lost and lonely, you may be experiencing a cultural shock.

Being a coach, entrepreneur, cross-cultural mentor and travel industry expert, I help my clients look through and over the invisible barriers. I help them understand what is hidden behind the words and gestures so they can feel more at ease and less confused. Understanding and adapting one’s communication style gives them the ability to build trust and cross-cutural relations.

Career without frontiers is for those who want to feel good and happy in Poland being a foreigner.

Katarzyna Szełemej-Pobożniak 

For you

Cross-Cultural Mentoring

Are you working or living in Poland? Do you face communication barriers, the wall of misunderstandings? Culture is like an iceberg. You can see only its peak. I shall help you to look inside the mountain, see different colours of ice.


Are you persuing ambitious goals? Is keeping a balance and happiness a challenge? Coaching with me shall help you overcome your internal barriers, take control over your life and feel happy.


I run webinars, lectures and workshops. I prepare them basing on client's request. Sample topics: happiness at work and in everyday life, cross-cultural differencies, Polish culture, woman - leader in Poland.

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What you get

Each country is different - I help enterpreneurs to jump over the invisible obstacles, plan, deal with "Polish ways" instead of getting stuck on too many problems.
When you understand what you are dealing with, plan your stay and joyful life in Poland, the peace of mind shall come naturally to you.
Living in a different country at times you may feel "lost in translation" .I shall help you find the way out of difficult situations caused by cultural misunderstandings.
One of the biggest challenges of living abroad is understanding the true meaning of words and gestures, getting to know what helps you build trust and relations and what is a non-go in the Polish culture.
I shall help you understand and know Polish history, culture, politics much quicker than when you try to do it only on your own.
If you feel like we could do sessions walking, going by bike or even sightseeing. I know plenty of beautiful and interesting spots around Warsaw and in Poland overall.
Time is money. Don't waste the occasion to save it, go over the cultural difficulties with me and enjoy your time!
Learning how to swim in Polish waters, you shall gain the ability to build trust & relations. Make friends, fall in love, become a leader of a Polish team.

Get to know me


I am a coach, blogger, traveller.
I work with clients at 1:1 sessions and as a trainer.
Apart from sharing my intercultural and psychological knowledge, I am also an experienced a manager in a family business offering incentive travel to international companies.
I realised countless trips with my corporate clients all over the world.


I am a master of economics (Warsaw School of Economics), master of ethnoogy (Freie University Berlin), bachelor of Latin American Sciences (Passau University). I also have a postgraduate diploma in motivational psychology (SWPS University). I am ICF certified coach with ACC accreditation and consultant of first psychological help.
I speak English, Spanish and German. Polish is my mother tounge.

Smile & Trust

My clients say that I lough a lot and that they did not know that a coaching session may be fun.
Indeed, all is possible when I run a session and a variety of emotions might become apparent.
Discovering that the world does not have frontiers for you and it is possible to make happy life in Poland is a terrific experience.

After work

I love the outdoors, nature and I make sure it is part of my everyday life. I do sports every day or at least walk with my dog in the forest. I am fascinated by psychology and cultural differencies. I am a mum and wife.

I believe that people are quite similar
even though everybody is a unique
human being. It is a different cultural
background, language, outlook and lack
of knowledge
that makes some of us think
we are so different.
I believe that respect and
understanding make
the world a better
place to live.

Kate Szełemej-Pobożniak

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